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Do you want to feel younger, slimmer and in less pain?

Do you wake up every morning feeling like the 'Tin Man', wishing someone would appear with an oil can? You're fed up of being in pain and spending a fortune in the process. You're sick of losing weight just to watch it all pile back on again...with added extras. We understand, and are helping countless people, just like you, to get their lives back, freeing them from pain and banishing the muffin top for good! What are you waiting for? Contact Us or Book a Class today.

bootybarre and pilates classes

More than just classes…   Remember your first day at school, when you turned up all enthusiastic and excited, but were a little bit worried?

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jill robinson organic pilates durham
Holistic Coaching & Packages

Want to know how to feel get stronger, healthier and pain-free in the fastest time possible, then read on…. You want to improve quickly and

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Core Club Membership
Workshops, Courses, Online Programs & Retreats

Absolute Beginner? No problem. No time to come to classes? No problem? Just had a baby? No problem. We’ve got you covered with our Workshops

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About Me

Find out more about me and how I reclaimed and healed my own body, using my 'Organic Pilates Method'. And how I can teach you to do the same.

jill robinson organic pilates durham
About Me

  Where the hell did that come from…? I stared in the mirror, shocked, where was my tight young body, my toned abs, my bloomin

About Me

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